Eighth Grade Students – Real Interviewers

These days students of the eighth grade are working with their projects. In their English lessons children are improving their language skills, critical thinking, ICT, civil and social competence while learning the topic “The Media”. They are expected to prepare interesting newspapers of unusual format containing several pages with events of their school life, jokes, crosswords and problem pages. Girls and boys write news articles, they try themselves as reporters for the school newspapers and magazines.

The week before the autumn holidays students worked as journalists when the Cossack Fun was held in Elitar. They seem to be professional interviewers and they really succeed in their mission. The most active journalists are Mira Opanasyk, Veronika Petrosiuk, Karina Nehoda and Nastia Vasylchuk. This is the video (a cut off) of the students’ attempts and success.

Orysia Volkova, Mira Opanasyk

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